team shea brand

Shea Brand was founded by three friends – Marie, Austin, and Krystal. We came together from varying backgrounds to pursue a common goal: to build a self-care brand, backed by science, that combines the most potent and effective raw ingredients into life-enhancing products that look beautiful and are sustainably produced. With a strong focus on conscious living and our customers’ real needs, Shea Brand aims to redefine “beauty” in terms that build a positive connection between our health and well-being, our bodies, the city we live in, and the natural world.

We are not here to shame you into purchasing a product on the pretense that it will make you feel more perfect and complete, rather, we are here to support and love you for exactly who you are. Shea Brand appreciates bodies of all shapes, colors, ages, abilities, and sizes and we celebrate the brains, brawns, and beautiful souls inside of them, too. All of our products are made with minimal-plastic, 100% recyclable packaging, and we take care to asses all packaging-related requirements against their environmental and humanitarian impact. We look forward to telling you more in person, and we hope you like the ever-expanding array of Shea Brand products, the distinctive visual aesthetics, and the commitment to a unique customer experience that we have worked so hard to make real.

The Executioner - of tasks

Chief Operating Officer
Can replicate 13 different types of bird noises and speaks french.
Favorite product: CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops

marie arlet

krystal vaquerano

The Destroyer - of bad design

Chief Creative Officer
Owns and uses tiny objects.
Favorite product: Teafruit Witch Hazel

Adversary - of status quo.

Has written over 100 original jokes, some of which people have laughed at.
Favorite product: CBD Lip Balm

austin katz