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CBD is a non psychoactive compound found in Cannabis. It interacts with cannabinoid receptors located all throughout the body to mediate homeostasis, connectivity and healing.

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Our cutting-edge face product formulas are made from the highest quality botanicals and extracts, expertly combined to support the natural health of your skin while providing you with an enhanced sensory experience.

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Powerful. Natural. Simple. What lip balm was always supposed to be. Soft to the touch, yet protective and with incredible staying power. Our Natural Lip Balms are chemical-free and made with four of the world’s most reliable and desirable natural ingredients.

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COVID-19 essentials

We've stepped up to the plate. Natural, eco-friendly solutions to the issues we're facing right now. Introducing our all natural Cleaning Spray and CDC compliant Antimicrobial Sanitizing Gel with aloe vera - designed to help your body and the surfaces around you stay clean and worry-free.

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