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About Our Hemp
Our premium, soil-grown organic hemp extracts (CBD) are vetted and selected by Sheabrand President Austin Katz, a former medical cannabis grower and fierce advocate for hemp-related regulation and quality control
Broad Spectrum

From Colorado


From Upstate, NY

Full Spectrum

From Colorado


CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops


CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops

Contains 600mg CBD per bottle


This is a therapeutic, sublingual tincture made from the highest quality medicinal hemp extract, grown sustainably in Colorado. CBD is suspended in a pure omega-rich hemp seed carrier oil that imparts a rich green color and a complex, earthy, citrusy and vegetal flavor to this tincture. All ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides or herbicides and we do not use any fillers, solvents, or synthetic stabilizers (we also third party test every batch for potency and residual solvents).

How to take the CBD Full Spectrum Oil Drops:

This bottle contains approximately 60 doses of CBD.

  • 1 bottle = 600mg CBD
  • ½ dropperful of oil = 10mg CBD
  • 1 dose = ¼ – ½ dropper at a time

Every body has a different experience, so we always recommend that you start low, increase from there, and find what works best for you. Start with the lowest dosage (¼ dropperful) and wait 2 hours to feel the effects before taking another dose.

$69.00 available on subscription from $69.00 $55.20 every 2 weeks

  • $69

Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture


Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Tincture


“With a few drops in their food every morning, my 17 year old dog Cutie has noticeably healthier looking fur, more energy in the morning and it helps his mobility” -Josh

“Milou’s separation anxiety has been especially bad since covid and this definitely helps put him at ease when we can’t bring him along. He seems happier and has more restful nights” -Marie

Suspended in an omega rich hemp seed oil carrier and enhanced with plant terpenes, this broad spectrum sublingual tincture offers an array of therapeutic benefits to your pet and is made with the highest quality hemp extract from Colorado (broad spectrum means it contains a range of different cannabinoids including CBN and CBD, but does not contain any THC).

Squeeze drops directly into your pet’s mouth or add to their water, food, or treats. While the effects of CBD can kick in quickly, it also has long-term health benefits that can compound over time. Start with a low dose and wait to see how your pet responds before dosing up or down.

Recommended Dosage:
Small Pets (15lbs or less):
1/8-1/4 dropper full once or twice per day (or as needed).

Medium-Sized Pets (15-40lbs):
1/4-1/2 dropper full once or twice per day (or as needed).

Large-Sized Pets (40lbs+):
1/2-1 dropper full once or twice per day (or as needed).